Texas Hold em downswings

One of the most difficult parts of no-limit Texas Hold em to ride and get your head around is when you are experiencing long runs where you are either losing or nothing at all is happening. This can seriously put you to the test in so many ways and the main one is that if you are not careful then you can end up trying to over press. I have always maintained that no player can ever begin to call themselves experienced until they have been through a bad run.

The subject of bad runs is complex and varied simply because the entire thing is subjective. Much depends on your attitude to risk and also what your expectations are. I always found that my worst results in poker came at the stage of my career where I had not psychologically accepted the fact that a large part of the game was essentially out of my control.

Let us say that you wanted to play a session of no-limit play and you also wanted to play four tables. Now just what are your chances of making money over those four tables over the space of an hour if you are a strong player? Well I would say that your chances would be as high as 60% or even higher but if you think that your edge is too crushing then you are going to be in for one huge disappointment playing poker.

Based on the stakes that you are playing then the game will simply not allow you to extract too much. Making money in poker is a bit like making a journey in your car of numerous miles before you reach your destination. There will be numerous instances where obstacles will be placed in your way. Things like bad drivers, traffic lights, traffic jams etc and the list is endless. You eventually arrive at your destination but only after encountering numerous problems along the way.

What this is in fact is a test of your character. The next time that you get behind the wheel of your car then you are testing your emotional intelligence. You simply cannot prevent bad things from happening to you when you are on the roads so why get upset when these inevitably happen? Poker is exactly the same and most of what happens to you around a poker table is out of your control. So what this means is that there is as much point in trying to force it as there is in trying to get from one side of the city to the other in your car at speed during rush hour.

In that situation then outside factors will simply not allow you to get there at the speed that you would like and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it short of hiring a helicopter. Unless you want to go down the road of road rage and anger management classes at some future point in time then you need to learn to harmonise with your environment. It is futile to try and change something that cannot be changed and is out of your control.

It is rather like King Canute when he sat on the sea shore trying to hold back the tide……that was incredibly silly and we laugh at the stupidity and lack of knowledge but yet we do the exact same things everyday when we get behind the wheel or get angry at beats and bad runs.