French Government Launch Charity Bingo

The French government are currently considering plans to launch ‘ bingo for Africa’
a series of charity bingo games that will help to raise money for the poorest parts of the African continent. The games are said to be part of France’s ‘Innovative Funding Drive’
which was set up with the purpose of thinking up novel ideas to raise funds for the developing world
and particularly for the advent of education thereof. in general terms charity bingo games have proved popular with the public in the past
since they give customers a chance to play the game they love whilst donating to charity at the same time. It is hoped and expected that France’s new funding plans will be met with a similar response.
This is quite a different step from the companies such as Littlewoods Bingo who are moving into online bingo territories to promote their business in another medium.
The money raised from the games is to be put towards the development of education
schools and teaching in Africa. It is also hoped that it will boost morale amongst players in a time of recession
by reminding the French people that
despite the fact that they may have had to tighten their purse strings
they still have the basic necessities of life and should not
forget to do their bit for charity. It is also designed to be twofold
in that it will educate bingo players about education and conditions on the African continent
which they may previously have known nothing about.
Around two point five billion Euros per year is raised in France from popular gambling
and so it is expected that charity bingo games will attract a great deal of attention from the French public and transfer some of this increased revenue towards Africa. Since charity bingo is already very popular in France
the idea is likely to be received very well by players. It is hoped that ten million Euros will be raised by the games.

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